USRLUfficio Scolastico Regionale per la Lombardia (Italian: Regional School Office for Lombardy; Italy)
USRLUkrainian Self Reliance League (Canada)
USRLUnderwater Sound References Lab (US Navy, Orlando, FL)
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The control group received traditional oral instruction from the teacher to enable them to engage in reflection regarding the curricular content, whereas the experimental group used the USRLS to participate in context-reflective instructional activities based on the same content.
This section addresses the influence of different teaching methods on learning achievements and aims to assess differences in achievement associated with the USRLS teaching approach versus traditional lecturing.
This section addresses differences between the quality of text-based self- reflection (QTSR) and that of quality of voice-based self-reflection (QVSR) in high-level-achievement (HLA) and low- level-achievement (LLA) students who were taught using the USRLS teaching approach.
This section discusses differences in the quality of text-based peer-reflection (QTPR) and the quality of voice-based peer-reflection (QVPR) in HLA and LLA students who were exposed to the USRLS teaching approach.
LLA learners spent more time using the USRLS system over time, and their QTPR improved.
USRLS can quickly connect classroom knowledge to seen real-life situations for reflection and confirmation, and students can discuss observations in the situation.
From the perspective of instructional practice, the USRLS can help students use real- world experiences to validate their observations and organization of what they have learned in the classroom and to rethink how their answers differ from or resemble the narratives of other students.
Lazarowich, a lawyer and prominent USRL activist, who was invited to speak at the RIIA in July 1933, read his lecture on "Ukraine through the eyes of a Ukrainian Canadian" very quickly and had to be saved from embarrassment during the question period by Leah Malone and Seton-Watson.
(20.) On 29 November 1939, the USRL designated Kysilewsky as its representative in Great Britain (LD 12 December 1939).