USRNUnited Stations Radio Networks (New York, NY)
USRNUnique Street Reference Number (UK)
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USRN says thenew features have been developed in direct response to user requests, including adaptations to include various auto-ingesting methods used by stations to add relevant data and audio in one action to save time.
Margaret Verghese, VP/Comedy and Prep Services at USRN, said, "It's ironic but the last thing we use our smartphones for is an actual phone call.
USRN was founded in 1994 by the lateDick Clark, and Nick Verbitsky.
spawned the USRN and developed World Planroom(TM) to expand its capabilities in performing state-of-the-art digital file management, distribution, and print services.
USRN will use DrawBridge ReproCentral as the primary customer interface and core component of its World Planroom service.