USRPUniversal Software Radio Peripheral
USRPUndergraduate Science Research Program
USRPUnited States Refugee Program (US Conference of Catholic Bishops)
USRPUndergraduate Student Research Project (US NASA)
USRPUrban Streams Restoration Program (California)
USRPUrban Sector Rehabilitation Programme (Tanzania)
USRPUTM/USP Standard Raster Product
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The example employed the USRP X310 and TwinRX to implement the MUSIC algorithm using a 4-element sensor array and LO sharing for phase-coherency.
After that, normalized autocorrelation coefficients c(n) and the received samples from the USRP are sent to the WiFi Sync Short Block as input samples which act as like as a valve.
The hardware part of the OpenBTS software is a SDR, USRP N210 in our case, with two GSM antennas to create the network.
NI USRP 2921 device is used for three source and one destination nodes while NI PXIe-5644R Vector Signal Transceiver in the NI PXIe-1082 is used for relay node.
Each of them includes an Ettus/National Instruments Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) B210 (see Figure 5(b)) board connected to a laptop running the GTEC 5G Simulator [20] (see Figure 5(a)) and the Mathworks LTE Toolbox.
The most important software and hardware components for the installation of this kind of stations are: the universal software radio peripheral (USRP), used to present a GSM interface using the GNU radio framework; the Asterisk open source PBX, used to manage the call control; OpenBTS application; and a computer with Linux operating system [9].
We chose these sets of tools as the FPGA is available in the NI USRP 2943R series used for real-world prototyping of our research.
NI will provide USRP software defined radios (SDRs) that support a wide variety of open source and proprietary tool flows including GNU Radio, RFNoC and LabVIEW system design software.
At the University of Southampton, undergraduates focus on the rapid prototyping of wireless communications systems, again using NI equipment--in this case a universal software radio peripheral (USRP).
The 0.83-acre development was purchased for $775,000 in February 2005 from USRP (S&C) LLC, an affiliate of CNL Financial Group Inc.