USRRUkrainska Socjalistyczna Republika Radziecka (Polish: Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic)
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The main suppliers of vaccines were the USRR, UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) and Sweden.
The Group comfortably met both of the transitional liquidity ratios (LAR and USRR) set by the Central Bank for 2013 implementation.
of South Africa Mercury Spain (30) Spain (22) Italy (21) Italy (21) USRR (18) Molybdenum USA (58) USA (64) USSR (20) Canada (14 Natural USA (25) USA (58) Gas USSR (13) USSR (18) Nickel Cuba (25) Canada (42) New Caledonia (22) New Caledonia (28) USSR (14) USSR (16) Canada (14) Petroleum Saudi Arabia (17) USA (23) USA (33) Kuwait (15) USSR (16) USSR (12) Japan (6) Platinum Rep.
(9) Charles Bettelheim, Class Struggle in the USRR. First Period: 1917-1923.
Olavo Aguiar, commercial director of Branco Peres, an exporter of instant coffee in Sao Paulo, Brazil, sees instant coffee as a convenience to consumers in tea-drinking countries such as the U.K., Japan and the former USRR. Instant coffee is an easy method to introduce coffee into China, he foresees.
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), USrr State Committee for Science and Technology, International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals (IRPTC).
INDA has requested information from USRR and the Commerce Department regarding proposals for these same goods that have been submitted by other GATT members; it intends to use that information as the basis of an industry Position that can be developed before the GATT proposals are finalized.