USRSUtrechtse Studenten Rugby Society (The Netherlands)
USRSUS Recovery Service (California)
USRSUp-Shift Request Switch
USRSUS Reclamation Service (now US Bureau of Reclamation)
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Halanych for primers; NSF MCB0348327, Hatch 0217327 (AGM) and CMB USRS to MK via EPS0447675.
at 231-36 (reproducing a report of a group leader of KGB Kharkov Region, General Fieszczenko, to Chairman of KGB USRS on the discovery in the Piatichatki forest near Kharkov of the burial sites of the murdered Polish officers).
USRS race organizer (and Miami resident) Javier Sanchez compares the Sarasota race to the Disney Marathon, where racers bring their whole families and "make a vacation of it.