USRSUS Reclamation Service (now US Bureau of Reclamation)
USRSUtrechtse Studenten Rugby Society (The Netherlands)
USRSUS Recovery Service (California)
USRSUp-Shift Request Switch
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Project USRS has been awarded USD 900K in funding over an 18 month time-frame.
I suspect the primary argument against replacing available DMOSQ_ with assigned and authorized is that it does not give Reserve component (RC) units the ability to accurately report Soldiers who have not completed the training required to be MOSQThe Active component (AC) does not have this challenge since AC Soldiers are reported in a training, transit, hold, and student status until they are fully trained and report to the unit; only then do units report them on their USRs. However, RC units can have Soldiers assigned to them who have not completed their training and are not DMOSQ.
Recommendation: The Commissioner of IRS should direct the appropriate IRS officials to update USR training manuals to ensure they reflect current security policies and procedures.
He asked, "How do I get out of submitting USRs?" The question made me angry, and I stared at the floor so that the senior officer would not see my frustration.
Unit Safety Representatives (USRs) SSgt Jason Roberts and SSgt Darren Lim are dedicated safety professionals, who work hand-in-hand with element chiefs and supervisors to ensure they have the tools and knowledge to maintain a safe environment and lifestyle for themselves and their subordinates.
Explaining this on unit status reports (USRs) has been difficult, but the concept is valid and clearly provides a capability that is not inherent within a standard SBCT.
A new CBRN officer can also expect to prepare unit status reports (USRs).
As 755th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Unit Safety Representatives (USRs), TSgt Yelverton and SSgt Marroquin both exemplify the motto "Safety is no Accident." They have taken every opportunity to maximize safety compliance in a diverse squadron consisting of 14 low density, high demand EC-130H COMPASS CALL aircraft, 10 military and civilian flights covering over 355 military and civilian personnel.
These Soldiers could not train in advance on the peculiarities of operating a rear detachment, like how to distinguish and account for installation and MTOE property, how to prepare deployed-status unit status reports (USRs), how to manage derivative unit identification codes (UICs), how to facilitate very active and involved family support groups, how to coordinate the influx of gifts and support from local communities, and how to train an ever-swelling number of new recruits and AIT graduates.
He managed 12 deployed Unit Safety Representatives (USRs) and ensured proper ground safety incident documentation.