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USSUnited States Ship
USSUnited States Steel
USSUnited States Senate
USSUnion Syndicale Suisse (Swiss Federation of Trade Unions)
USSUniversities Superannuation Scheme (UK)
USSUnix System Services (IBM)
USSUnited States Swimming
USSUltrasound Scan
USSUnder-Seat Steering
USSUbiquitous Synergy Seeker (band)
USSUndersea Systems
USSUnited Seamen's Service
USSUnited Star Ship (Star Trek)
USSUnix Systems Services
USSUniform Symbology Specification
USSUpload Speed Sense (P2P, eMule)
USSUnited States Survey
USSUncorrected Sum of Squares
USSUptake Signal Sequences
USSUnique Support Structure
USSUpshaw-Schulman Syndrome
USSUltrasonic Soldering
USSUniversal Support System
USSUnited State Standard
USSUser Services Subsystem
USSUser Services Support
USSUni-Strut Support
USSUnit Supply System
USSUnsynchronized System
USSUnited Specialty Services (Galesburg, IL)
USSUser Support Subsystem
USSUSAREUR Support System
USSUniversity Support Services (various universities)
USSUnit Security Supervisor (Canada)
USSUnity Secondary School (Singapore)
USSUnit Supply Specialist (US Army)
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Whereas, on September 11, 2001, while the USS Jacksonville was attached to the Enterprise Battle Group, the USS Jacksonville
The USS Ward accelerated to bear down on the submarine.
USS HAWAII (SSN 776)--Due June 2014 (Scheduling message received from command)
USS CARTER HALL (LSD-3) September 26-28, 2013, Colorado Springs, CO, Contact: Don Brewer, Phone: (423) 349-6338.
USS United States was commissioned on July 11, 1797, and its greatest battle was fought on Oct.
USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) made a port visit to NS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 4-6 August 2010.
Leon Kolb, 88, survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, manning a forward gun turret on the USS Oklahoma 65 years ago today as the U.
But when the scrap steel was delivered for the bow stem casting for the USS New York, Chavers felt there was something different this time around.
DES Div, USS DuPont, USS Bernadow, USB Ellis, USS Cole,
USS is short for the techie-sounding "Used car System Solutions," but the acronym originally stood for something considerably less high falutin'.
He reported to the USS Arkansas on the day of departure (February 1).
Traveling northward from San Francisco, under the North Pole, and into the Barents, the USS Parche successfully placed a sophisticated nuclear powered tap pod on the ocean floor that would continuously record from hundreds of phone lines for a year.