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Lai-Cheong JE, Parsons M, Tanaka A, Ussar S, South AP, Gomathy S, et al.
Although most sources agree that changes in the aid architecture entail both opportunities and challenges for gender equality (Van Reisen with Ussar, 2005), there is disagreement with regard to their weight and importance.
Moving from discourse to actual behaviour on the ground highlights that thus far existing research about the actual degree of gender-sensitivity of the implementation of the Paris Declaration has mainly focused on the recipient's side of the reform agenda (see Holvoet, 2010; Van Reisen with Ussar, 2005; Whitehead, 2002; Zuckerman & Garrett, 2003).
When it comes to the implications for gender equality and women's empowerment, most of the sources agree that the reform processes might entail both opportunities and challenges (Van Reisen with Ussar, 2005).