USSBSUnited States Strategic Bombing Survey
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Figures drawn from Reichs-Kredit-Qeseilschaft AG, "Treibstoffwirtschaft in der Welt und in Deutschland"; and USSBS, Effects of Strategic Bombing on the German War Economy, p.
2) Perhaps the most important literary use of the repot of the USSBS relates to the background information which informs Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow (1969), A reading of the reports and some of the contemporary responses to the Survey in the U.
This debate hearkens back to the USSBS and the formation of the US Air Force.
I got access to these reports through the coincidence that the 0SS was anxious to get copies of USSBS interviews with opposition leaders which I had in my possession.
Five years after World War II, the prophetic words of the USSBS were realized.
Atch, Rpt on USSBS and Joint Target Group Conferences, to Memo for Gen.
88: Volkswagenwerk, Fallersleben, Germany (Munitions Division, USSBS, 17 September 1945); USSBS, Plant Report No.
The USSBS findings stated that Japan's war industry appeared more vulnerable to air attack than Germany's, a finding that confirmed previous conclusions by Arnold's Committee of Operations Analysts and the Joint Target Group.
Yet he treats such admonitions as duplicitous, despite the statement by the USSBS head that "at no time has there been the slightest inclination to interfere with us.
In Chapter 4 on The Air Attacks and Their Effectiveness, the USSBS reports,
4) Like the COA and EOU, the USSBS investigated economic and industrial conditions as central factors in its analyses.