USSBSUnited States Strategic Bombing Survey
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(2) Perhaps the most important literary use of the repot of the USSBS relates to the background information which informs Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow (1969), A reading of the reports and some of the contemporary responses to the Survey in the U.s.
Stimson, Truman's Secretary of War, was asked to write an article in defense of the use of the bomb as a response to a number of articles that popularized the USSBS's conclusions.
The USSBS was commissioned to measure the effect of air power in that conflict.
The photo, which shows some superficial burns on a Japanese soldier, reinforces the official story that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were military targets (USSBS 16).
I got access to these reports through the coincidence that the 0SS was anxious to get copies of USSBS interviews with opposition leaders which I had in my possession.
Roosevelt Presidential Library, Hyde Park, N.Y.; "The Effects of Strategic Bombing," table 83, USSBS, vol.
And Stan Hubbard, CEO of USSB, makes no bones about the fact that "USSBs business is built on the multiplexing of HBO and Showtime, which are driving our revenues and our subscriber base."
With HBO and satellite systems today, we have a truly great product: digital sound and video, multiple channels, multiple language--both Primestar and USSB have Spanish channels.
(25) General McDonald, USAF director of intelligence, was even more specific about what type of intelligence when he said that "target intelligence is the basic requirement because a Strategic Air Force is nothing more than a large collection of airplanes unless it has a clear conception of what to use its planes against." (26) Just as the (World War I) bombing survey had done, the United States Strategic Bombing Surveys (USSBS) emphasized the importance of target selection to the planning and conduct of operations.
Also, Arnold wasted no time in making use of the interim USSBS report, forwarding a memorandum to the Joint Chiefs in late June, prior to his leaving in July to the Berlin conference at Potsdam.