USSOUnited States Special Operations (gaming clan)
USSOUniform Summary Support Order (New Jersey)
USSOUniversity Student Services Office
USSOUndergraduate Student Services Office (various schools)
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Bruges dragged usso far up the field with their offside tactics that the game was often compressed around the halfway line.
Tres cajas de sombreros forradas una en rasso carmessi = otra en tafetan carmessi = otra en tafetan morado sin tapador viejas no son de valor porque no estan en usso" [fol.
'It's the first time back in the USso it will be interesting to see how they react this time.
Veiko Wille Haapsalo Army Anni-Kristina Usso Sholti Viktor Bychkov The premise of the film--a Russian, a Finn and a Lapp who can't understand each other together in a tiny backwoods hut--sounds like the beginning of a good joke, and Alexander Rogozhkin's "The Cuckoo" is just that: charming, smart and funny.
I.D.1.: El usso del compas proporcional compuesto por Miguel Connieno, mathematico et ingeniero del Seren'ssimo Senor Archiduque Alberto.
He said: 'This match is important for usso I would say to the fans - please come out and support your country.