USSOUTHCOMUnited States Southern Command
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FPD personnel were given high accolades by the Ambassador for their responsiveness to this critical mission and later recognized by Commander, USSOUTHCOM.
The SPS mission is to support USSOUTHCOM theater security cooperation objectives by increasing maritime security and cooperation with partner nations in the USSOUTHCOM area of responsibility (AOR).
This particular joint interagency team effort included the US Department of State, the Dominican Air Force Mission, the JIATFS Dominican country liaison officer and a core of action officers, Air Force reserve instructor pilots, Drug Enforcement Administration agents, and USSOUTHCOM leadership.
According to the USSOUTHCOM, "Per standard procedure, the Naval Criminal
It was clear that the open source technology community would have a lot to offer, but it was critical to find ways to bridge these capabilities to USSOUTHCOM," Wells said.
30) Subsequently USSOUTHCOM has stated that it will expand such MNIS initiatives as Participating Sharing Networks and CENTRIXS to facilitate information sharing and the development of information-sharing agreements utilizing technology in place.
Shortly after the earthquake, three FPAs worked directly with USSOUTHCOM commanders in Haiti.
As part of its USSOUTHCOM mission, members of JTF-B also participate in counter-narcotics operations--helping to stem the movement of illegal drugs throughout the region.
The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs (DASD WHA) could convene a high-level working group with the key DOD players, including those from OSD, the Joint Staff, USNORTHCOM, USSOUTHCOM, U.
Its proposed geographic area was curtailed by the retention of a separate USSOUTHCOM when it was deemed necessary for regional engagement purposes to retain it intact.
I believe that all join in my recommendation that, as a matter of policy, you authorize the Commander of USSOUTHCOM to employ, in his discretion .
In his deployed capacity he provided superior performance and expert financial and budget advise to over 300 personnel in the largest USSOUTHCOM unit.