USSOUTHCOMUnited States Southern Command
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USSOUTHCOM means the military command of the United States Southern Command which covers South American nations.
The following sections assess how the use of strategic facades and procedural illusions within Merida II and USSOUTHCOM and USNORTHCOM do important political work in sustaining one-dimensionality and reproducing geographic difference.
The SPS mission is to support USSOUTHCOM theater security cooperation objectives by increasing maritime security and cooperation with partner nations in the USSOUTHCOM area of responsibility (AOR).
This particular joint interagency team effort included the US Department of State, the Dominican Air Force Mission, the JIATFS Dominican country liaison officer and a core of action officers, Air Force reserve instructor pilots, Drug Enforcement Administration agents, and USSOUTHCOM leadership.
According to the USSOUTHCOM, "Per standard procedure, the Naval Criminal
No es excesivo llamar la atencion hacia la reactivacion de la IV flota estadounidense o USSOUTHCOM (United States Southern Command) (Bataglino, 2009).
In requiring a report on the life extension of the FFG-7 class frigates and the strategic plan for replacing the FFG-7s with the Littoral Combat Ships (LCS-1), also requested a description of the manner in which the Navy has met the requirements of United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) over time, including assets and ships the Navy has deployed for military-to-military engagements, UNITAS exercise, and counterdrug operations in support of USSOUTHCOM.
These events are organized by the Office of Naval Research Global Americas (ONRG Americas) and USSOUTHCOM, in conjunction with the director general of the Chilean Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine, in order to "facilitate a regional dialogue among Western Hemisphere nations to improve maritime information sharing.
USSOUTHCOM gives a significant role to its State Department and USAID advisors.
With more than a thousand containers distributed and pending USSOUTHCOM container management guidelines, on February 3 we held the first of our JTF-Unified Response container management meetings.
Under the USD37m ITES-2S Task Order, USSOUTHCOM personnel will move to a new headquarters complex beginning 1 October 2010.