USSPACECOMUnited States Space Command
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National leaders took steps to protect defense networks in 1998, creating a Joint Task Force for Computer Network Defense and assigning it to USSPACECOM.
With similar leadership skills, a soldier trained in heavy artillery could lead USSPACECOM as well as a pilot trained in aeronautics.
Long-Range Plan: Implementing USSPACECOM Vision for 2020 (Peterson AFB, CO: USSPACECOM, [1998]).
USSPACECOM operates the SOC (SPOC, Peterson AFB, Colorado), providing real-time, detailed joint space force information via voice or secure/insecure web sites.
United States Space Command Long-Range Plan: Implementing USSPACECOM Vision for 2020 (Peterson AFB, CO: US Space Command, Director of Plans, April 1998), 4-5.
capabilities and resources of USSPACECOM and the original USSTRATCOM--is
The Bush Administration abolished USSPACECOM in 2002 when it reorganized the unified command structure largely in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
It was recognized even then, however, that the JTF-CND was only an interim solution and that the CND mission would eventually be assigned to a unified command, which occurred in October 1999, when USSPACECOM assumed the CND mission.
Litton PRC has been performing life-cycle support services for USSPACECOM since August 1994.
The conference keynote will be delivered by the CINC, USSPACECOM on June 6.
The merger of USSPACECOM and USSTRATCOM to form the new USSTRATCOM necessitates many changes to both Air Force and joint space-operations doctrine.
commands and USSPACECOM were predominantly one way, with the latter