USSPACECOMUnited States Space Command
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Long-Range Plan: Implementing USSPACECOM Vision for 2020 (Peterson AFB, CO: USSPACECOM, [1998]).
were predominantly one-way, with USSPACECOM supporting the regional
Prior to the formation of USSPACECOM in 1985, purely
Litton PRC has been performing life-cycle support services for USSPACECOM since August 1994.
The merger of USSPACECOM and USSTRATCOM to form the new USSTRATCOM necessitates many changes to both Air Force and joint space-operations doctrine.
commands and USSPACECOM were predominantly one way, with the latter
With over six years of providing services to Air Force Space Command and USSPACECOM, SI International has extensive experience in BMD support, requirements development, and architecture.
Meyers, commander, USSPACECOM, noted in the initial report on the air war over Serbia that "there's still a long way to go before space is really integrated with the rest of the campaign.
CIBER is charged with ensuring operational concepts and requirements are properly defined and managed on an ongoing basis for NORAD and USSPACECOM, one of the nation's nine unified, multi-service combatant commands in the Department of Defense.
One of the key program challenges will be to migrate existing defense systems to the new ISC2 architecture without any disruption to Air Force operations at Cheyenne Mountain, where most of the NORAD and USSPACECOM systems are located.
Watts argues that some USSPACECOM and Air Force definitions are neither very useful nor intuitive because, for example, they label conventional or unconventional attacks on terrestrial targets such as satellite-control facilities as space control rather than force application.
Our team brings total commitment to the Air Force's mission, demonstrated over years of support to USSPACECOM and NORAD operations," said James.