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USSRUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics (now Commonwealth of Independent States)
USSRUninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading (education)
USSRUnderground Security Systems Research
USSRUniversal Solid State Relay
USSRUnited Soldiers of Soldat Realistic (gaming clan)
USSRUnstimulated Salivary Secretion Rate
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The USSR had been an ally of the US during the WWII and its partner in setting up the UN in 1945.
before the beginning of World War II), the USSR authorities launched a smear campaign against Poles and began to create a negative Polish stereotype in Soviet society.
Grig's works, executed in a style that might be called neon impressionism, do not carry any overt message about the harshness of the economic system in the USSR or, for that matter, the same system elsewhere, focusing instead on colorful and conflict-Free media representations of leisure, vanity, and pleasure.
The US sought revenge on the USSR for the Vietnam humiliation," he said, adding Soviet troops had withdrawn from Afghanistan after installing the Dr.
It is much to be regretted that the war-time partnership between the USSR and other allies - notably the USA - was not maintained after the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945.
WHEN Paul McCartney played Moscow's Red Square in 2003, he was the first Beatle ever to perform in the former USSR.
Everyone knows the US helped Afghans through Pakistan to defeat the erstwhile USSR.
In 1975, after the Carnation Revolution spread through Portugal, ending in a military uprising which saw all of her African colonies achieve independence, the USSR took particular interest in Angola and its new emerging concept of socialism.
Belarus was formerly one of the republics of the USSR, known at the time as the Socialist Soviet Republic of Byelorussia.
USSR USES SABIN VACCINE--The Sabin live polio virus vaccine, developed in the United States but not yet licensed here, is "completely harmless" and extremely effective, Russian scientists have found.
VAILIY RATS For USSR vs France, 1986 Soviet midfielder Rats let fly with his impression of the Katyusha rocket launcher to earn the USSR a draw against the European champions in this first-round game in Mexico.
The former USSR president described Lebanon as a complicated country and praised measures taken to preserve Lebanon's stability.