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USSRUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics (now Commonwealth of Independent States)
USSRUninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading (education)
USSRUnderground Security Systems Research
USSRUniversal Solid State Relay
USSRUnited Soldiers of Soldat Realistic (gaming clan)
USSRUnstimulated Salivary Secretion Rate
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In 1975, after the Carnation Revolution spread through Portugal, ending in a military uprising which saw all of her African colonies achieve independence, the USSR took particular interest in Angola and its new emerging concept of socialism.
Moreover, because Putin's "contextual" history subordinates Soviet-era suffering to the purpose of fighting the Great Patriotic War, his number mixes those who died in battle fighting for the USSR with those whom the Soviets killed through mass murder, deportation, and forced labour.
But the person who was truly responsible for bringing down the USSR was Pope John Paul II with his support of Solidarity, his visits to Poland, his encouragement to people in Poland and elsewhere to rise up to demand rights and dignity.
It is truly a pity that Bivens is "stuck" in old cold war dualities ("If it is offered to suggest America and the USSR had equally sordid rap sheets .
The USSR and the US won all of their eight games on the way to their shoot-out.
After the outbreak of World War II, Lithuania was occupied three times: in 1940 by the USSR; in 1941 by Nazi Germany; and in 1944 by the USSR again.
Due to the success of the US Apollo program landing the first man on the moon, few people remember that the USSR made the first soft landing of a spacecraft on the moon.
Decades later, the USSR threatened the unique character of urban Tbilisi and the city could have easily degenerated into a typically Soviet-style faceless settlement, but its beautiful central districts (subject to the first-ever successful large-scale urban reconstruction programme in the USSR), helped to save its distinct character.
Police in the Republic of Georgia, formerly a part of the USSR, say Georgian national security chief Nukzar Sadzhaya, 60, shot himself in the head in his office February 25 after being outed in a national newspaper article.
During the following decades, up to the second half of the 1980s, the USSR and its Eastern European allies supported the Arab people's cause, and in practice, all fronts of their national liberation struggle towards economic and social development.
The network helped increase access to the Soviet frontier, which aided the USSR in its invasion over a decade later, and along which foreign troops currently threaten to manoeuvre.
The U-2's first flight over the USSR and the Soviet reaction are also well described, conveying the United States' somewhat desperate need for intelligence regarding Soviet ships and aircraft production programs.