USTFUnited States Taekwon Do Federation
USTFUniformed Services Treatment Facility
USTFUnited States Tuna Foundation
USTFUnited Spanish Timbrado Fanciers (birds)
USTFUnited States Tennis Federation
USTFUniformed Services Task Force on HIV/AIDS (formerly Working Group on HIV/AIDS for Uniformed Services; Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences)
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6 is the relative proximity of Moravian-Silesian and Ustf NUTS III regions.
6: Regions with the most frequent representation of contributions in each pillar All pillars together Central Bohemia & Prague, Liberec, Karlovy Vary SOCIAL Central Bohemia & Prague, Karlovy Vary, Liberec ENVIRONMENTAL Hradec Kralove, Liberec, South Bohemia ECONOMIC Central Bohemia & Prague, Karlovy Vary, Ustf nad Labem PUBLIC AFFAIRS Karlovary Vary, Central Bohemia & Prague, Hradec Kralove EDUCATION & SCIENCE Plzen, Liberec, Central Bohemia & Prague EUROPEAN & INTERNATIONAL Central Bohemia & Prague, Olomouc, South Bohemia SECURITY Central Bohemia & Prague, Karlovy Vary, Plzen ACCIDENTS Liberec, Karlovy Vary, Plzen JUSTICE Hradec Kralove, Central Bohemia & Prague, Plzen SPORT Liberec, Pardubice, Central Bohemia & Prague Source: authors Tab.
"It's time to end the madness about mercury levels in canned tuna," said Dave Burney, USTF's executive director.
The USTF also challenged the newspaper's interpretation of the FDA's latest data on mercury levels in commercially sold fish, which show that canned tuna products are well within the advised safety levels, suggesting that the Chicago Tribune's conclusions were the result of selectively used data.
In a letter to America's leading tuna producers and USTF, Durbin questioned the industry's practice of using a high-mercury tuna species, yellowfin, to make millions of cans of light tuna, one of America's best-selling seafoods and a product the government has recommended as a low-mercury choice.
"We were started in September 1981 by Jim Bottin," said Scott McNeely, USTF president and director of operations.
McNeely said that some of the USTF's personnel in the early days were involved with the American Taekwondo Association, but most of those ties have been severed.
Bottin, a familiar name in the fitness industry in Arkansas, sits on the advisory council to the USTF and will be at the 20th anniversary shindig.
The primary difference is that there is more contact in USTF taekwondo, McNeely said, and USTF is more open to other martial arts traditions, particularly jujitsu.
Tuna Foundation (USTF) said that the industry "strongly disagrees" with the Attorney General and is prepared to demonstrate in court that the industry is in full compliance with Proposition 65 provisions.