USTLUniversity of Science and Technology (Lille, France)
USTLUniversite des Sciences et Technologie de Lille (French: University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille)
USTLUnited States Test Laboratory (National Technical Systems, Inc.)
USTLUnderwater Systems and Technology Laboratory (University of Porto; Portugal)
USTLUnited States Taekwondo League
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USTL is seeking pledges from representatives to support term limits.
USTL, which commenced its operations as a steel re-rolling mill diversified into manufacturing of tower parts for Extra High Voltage transmission lines.
Apart from manufacturing, USTL has also ventured into the field of turnkey erection of EHV Transmission lines in the year 2006.
2) Laboratoire de Structure et Proprietes de l'Etat Solide (UMR CNRS 8008), USTL, Batiment C6, 59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex, France
Second, such television ads must include an audio statement that the person paying for the communication is responsible for the ad's content, which the USTL ad does not.
William McGinnis, President and CEO of NTS, stated, "The USTL business is very profitable, highly specialized and designed for and dedicated to meeting the specialty requirements of mechanical testing of personnel protection equipment.
USTL is a leading competitor in the Soft Body Armor testing market and provides testing for companies such as BAE, Lockheed Martin and the US Army.
The USTL team is thrilled to be joining the NTS family," comments Richard Mouser, President of USTL, "This move opens new doors for both our employees and our clients, giving us the ability to grow faster and in new directions.
NASDAQ: USTL, USTLW) today reported that it has executed a definitive agreement to merge with Arcada Communications, a switch-based interexchange carrier based in Seattle, WA.