USTPOUnited States Trademark and Patent Office (Washington, DC)
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"Patent issues are at the forefront of business and American life, and I am eager to assist the USTPO in ensuring that the nation's technological progress continues on an upward trajectory."
(26.) See, e.g., USTPO PATENT FULL-TEXT DATABASES, (last visited Mar.
Because the USTPO also lacks access to tax-return data, it cannot improve the quality of tax strategy patents.
This helpful site designed by the AICPA includes direct links to actual proposed legislation, letters from the AICPA and other professional organizations to members of Congress opposing tax strategy patents, USTPO search information, specific tax strategy patents, and related articles.
Pomona, CA, May 10, 2018 --( Virun NutraBIOsciences(R) is actively working with Algarithm(TM) Ingredients in Canada to bring O3Omega(TM) Smoothies to market, while Viruns' patent application for technology that converts volatile oils into dry, stable powder obtains yet another Notice of Allowance from the USTPO.
Patent troll sues eBay for asking USTPO for patent re-exam
("USTPO") expanded from a few each year to a few thousand each
applicants in Bilski I had submitted eleven claims to the USTPO, seeking
Edible oil processing technologies company Cavitation Technologies Inc (Berlin: Stuttgart:WTC) stated on Thursday that its US Patent Application, entitled 'High-Throughput Cavitation And Electrocoagulation Apparatus' has received the US Patent and Trademark Office's (USTPO) patent allowance.
(180) While the USTPO and most courts have continued to rely on the MOT test, the Supreme Court specifically held that this is not the sole controlling test.
In the absence of an explicit statutory bar, courts and the USTPO should grant business process patent claims that meet the broad statutory requirements of the Patent Law Act and should not be held hostage to entirely judicially created tests such as the MOT test.
Then the USTPO evaluated eBay's application and determined that they raised "substantial new question of patentability affecting any claim of the patent," triggering a re-examination of three Landmark patents.