USTSUnited States Triathlon Series (various locations)
USTSUplink Synchronous Transmission Scheme
USTSUnited States Training Ship
USTSUHF Satellite Terminal System
USTSUnited States Technical Services
USTSUpdate Service and Technical Support (business)
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Leav- ing the horses on the turn, to the inexpressible dis- ust of the waggoner he bounded off, going over the ploughed ground in long leaps, and suddenly appeared before the mother, thrust the child into her arms, and strode away.
Howard County, Maryland, has agreed to pay a $9,727 penalty to settle alleged violations of underground storage tank (UST) regulations at two facilities in Columbia, Md.
MHI-MME is currently undertaking the manufacture of USTs for eight ships under construction by MHI.
Since a law passed in 1984, the EPA has led enforcement efforts aimed at identifying and removing leaking USTs, the majority of which are made of steel.
The responsibility for home tanks falls on state and local governments, and although 35 states listed USTs as among their top 10 sources of groundwater pollution in 1996, many don't regulate them unless they're actually leaking.
In another case, a breach of a duty not to impair a neighbor's ownership rights has also been found when an oil company's USTs leaked and the company delayed in remedying the problem, allowing oil to reach and contaminate neighboring groundwater supplies [Exxon v.
The IRS held that the cost associated with the removal and disposition of the old USTs was currently deductible, and that the cost of the new USTs was also deductible; the expenditure for the new USTs was not a capital expenditure that would benefit the taxpayer in future years, because the new USTs were completely sealed and had no remaining useful life.
For all USTs installed in the last 10 years, owners and operators must ensure that their USTs comply with the performance standards for new USTs by December 22, 1998.
The first phase of Clark County's UST program was to locate abandoned and non-registered USTs, in order to establish an accurate database.
Underwood, president of Mid South Steel Products, estimated long-term recurring costs to be some 11 percent of the initial cost for ASTs versus 2 percent for USTs. This narrows the cost gap in our example from 20 percent to 11 percent or $630, and unknown future AST requirements are yet to be considered.