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USTTAUS Travel and Tourism Administration (US DOC)
USTTAUnited States Table Tennis Association
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While many verbalized their despair about the decline of the United States as an economic player in inbound tourism and its failure to boast what it has to offer (according to USTTA statistics, the United States ranks 33rd in terms of national tourism promotion budgets), even larger numbers of conference delegates cheered the country's variety of travel attractions and rich cultural experiences and pointed to the industry's potential.
The Department of Commerce's USTTA recently decided to publish the findings of its annual Survey of International Travelers for the first time.
links the value of WHCTT to the threats to funding of USTTA.
Keeping USTTA funded through FY96 enables the industry to develop and implement a successor organization to USTTA which will be better funded and managed as a public-private partnership.
What is encouraging is that USTTA has selected CVBs as being a key partner in the White House conference by awarding our industry 60-plus delegates.
Plamondon said: "As a Framework Committee member of the White House Conference, part of our efforts has been to make recommendations for a necessary transition of USTTA to some other form - more than likely a private/public partnership.