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USUAUnited States Ultralight Association
USUAUS Urantia Association
USUAUltralight Squadron of America (Perris, CA)
USUAUniversity Students Union of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
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The bell was answered, not, as usua l, by the silent servant Peter, but by a woman of middle age, very quietly and neatly dressed, whom I had once or twice met on the way to and from my room, and of whose exact position in the house I was still ignorant.
Bu If yo usua your keep tutin some able each in th Yo set o not s own or ev punc uddy up: ou struggle with motivation and ally rely on the barking orders of r pounds 30 an hour personal trainer to p you sweating, then try substing for a friend for a while to save e pennies.
Tickets for the festival are on sale now from the usua ticketmaster outlets or from
Usua lly, the height of the rubbery plateau is used to compare the crosslink density of different polymers.
Alcohol abuse often occurs in early adulthood and is usua lly a precursor to alcohol dependence (APA 1994).
In contrast, the last scene of a conventional mainstream film, The Usua l Suspects (Brian Singer, 1995), changes the terms of narration and, thus, the relationship between film and viewer in its last few minutes.
His first encounter with Usua (Ingrid Rubio), a maid at the local inn, sparks a powerful, reciprocal attraction, however.
Furthermore, in his prologue "Abelard formulated two key doctrines of scholasticism: (1) that questioning is the key to the perception of truth, and (2) that difficulties which arise in questioning can usua lly be resolved by determining the meaning of terms used by different authors in varying ways" (Livingstone, p.
There are numerous other techniques to estimate core inflation, including taking moving averages or more sophisticated statistical filters, or replacing the usua l consumption-based weights by coefficients that are inversely proportional to the volatility of individual prices, to obtain a "variance-weighted" index (Wynne, 1999).