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18[degrees]C and 35[degrees]C Climate Tropical type Historical sites White rhinoceroses' sanctuary, bird watching, Nakasongola hills Attributes Details of Studied District Representing Agro-ecological Zones Agroecological zone Eastern District Soroti Location 01[degrees]43'N 33[degrees]36'E Geographical location Eastern Uganda Land area ([km.sup.2]) 2,663 Altitude (masl) 1,036-1,127 History District formed in 1962 Major geological formations Granites, mignalites, gneiss, schists and quartzites Major soil types Serere and Amuria catena, Metu complex and Usuk series Economic activities Subsistence agriculture Rainfall (mm) 1,000-1,500 Rainfall patterns March-June; August-November Dry season December to February Min.
Others restrict the function of pengirikng to the social elite of Usuk Tenangkai Solai; thus, mirroring the situation among the Central Luangan.
The latest, and I'm not referring to the spy drones that the USUK is trying out, comes from a recent article in the Guardian.
USUK Skate and surf punk collection inspired by American
Mr von Sponeck, who like his predecessor Denis Halliday, resigned his post in protest at US sanctions on the country and openly condemned USUK bombing raids in ``no-fly'' zones, recently returned from Iraq.
Credits go to Joon Kwon, Jihye Hong, Insup Yun, Minha Kwon and Usuk Lee of Seoul-based Geometry Global Korea.