USVISITUS Visitor and Immigration Status Indication Technology (DHS)
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Some bills call for enhancing the capabilities of the current USVISIT program.
At this point it is not clear how the implementation of USVISIT will affect NIIS and the use of the I-94 forms.
When the new technologies are fully implemented, such as USVISIT at land ports of entry, will people and goods move expeditiously?
40) The INA actually requires that all aliens be recorded into the entry-exit system, but USVISIT currently includes only nonimmigrants.
14) At 115 airports and 14 seaports, many nonimmigrants are entered into the new US-VISIT system that uses biometric identification (finger scans) to check identity and track presence in the United States; however, at this time, entrants under the VWP are not subject to USVISIT.
After FVS was successfully implemented, the development of USVISITS automation began.
USVISITS will have three operational points: the contractor's site, the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO) in Columbus, OH, and SPAD at the Pentagon.