USVOUnion Sportive Valenciennes Olympic (French: Valenciennes Female Basketball; Valenciennes, France)
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For our company to have developed a strong foundation to enter the market through First Serve is a significant milestone for USVO.
We are delighted to be working with USVO, and support their market development efforts with a license to our digital watermarking intellectual property," said Reed Stager, executive vice president, Digimarc.
In consideration of Blue-Sky's services, USVO will pay a monthly fee of $4,000 US per month during the six month contract.
MediaSentinel(TM) is like a forensics team embedded in the broadcast master, providing the evidence law enforcement needs to convict criminals and deter video piracy," said Edwin Molina, CEO of USVO.
USVO and its subsidiary have retained the law firm of Steptoe & Johnson LLC to represent its interests in this legal action.
USVO President Edwin Molina said "Having a company of the caliber of Tri-Vision as an early MediaSentinel(TM) partner is a truly exciting validation for us.
USVO (OTCBB: USVO; CDNX: US; BSE/Frankfurt: USF) is a developer and supplier of Internet media delivery services, systems, and innovative end-to-end solutions.
Speedera and USVO also announced a co-marketing partnership whereby each of the companies will represent each other as a preferred service provider to existing and new clients.
By combining AT&T's world-class data and Internet infrastructure, its digital media production capabilities and its broad network reach with USVO's specialized expertise in Internet media delivery, USVO will be able to provide its services and solutions to AT&T clients requiring rich media capabilities.
USVO has uniquely adapted an EMC information storage solution to the requirements of rich media delivery over the Internet.
com), a leading company in the interactive entertainment market, has signed a contract with USVO (OTCBB: USVO; CDNX: US; BSE/Frankfurt: USF www.