USWBUnited States Weather Bureau
USWBUltra Short Wheel Base (bicycle)
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Published in a whitepaper titled "Strategies for Growing Your Business Through E-Commerce," the E-Commerce Practice of USWeb Corporation (Nasdaq: USWB), Santa Clara, Calif., explores the growth in e-commerce and examines ways in which companies can take advantage of Internet technology to provide better methods of conducting business.
Each irrigation water (IW) was 50 mm depth as measured with a Parshall flume and cumulative pan evaporation (CPE) was monitored from a standard USWB class A pan evaporimeter installed in the research station.
The group took a broad view of their charter to advise USWB. They plunged into issues well beyond immediate concerns of their weather bureau sponsors.
Irrespective of the weather control controversy, personnel at the USWB mainly wanted to concentrate on forecasting the weather more accurately.