USWEUnited States of Western Europe (Iron Storm; computer game)
USWEUniversity Symphonic Wind Ensemble (Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA)
USWEUndersea Warfare Evaluator
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Contributing to the diverse nature of formal mentoring, the USWE (1999) categorizes mentoring into four different types including:
In the 1880s, USWE introduced a vaneless version of the Halladay Standard.
Ray got in touch with a biologist at the Scottish Agricultural College who came out and told uswe would have to stop work as the freshwater pearl mussel was a protected species.
We played chap-thedoor-run-away and were actually afraid of the owners catching usWe walked to friends' homes.
Leza ndisiko, uswe tuli mitabi yakaLeza atovu aakwe (p) / God is the base of the tree, and we are God's branches and his leaves.
Wireless Data (OTCBB: USWE), New York, a leader in wireless transaction services, will provide credit card services to Cinnabon, Inc., the world's leading cinnamon roll retailer, at 108 of its locations across the United States, through USWD's recently acquired CellGate technology.
Actually, we can look to the USwe already have Medicare, and that hasn't led to government-run medical practices and hospitals.<br />Maggie Symington<br />I strongly urge everyone to consider how a "single-payer" health systemI use quote marks because the application of the concept varies around the worldis handled in other countries.
He said, 'Kham Lha was in a really bad way when she came to usWe freed her and helped her to recover.
One year since you left uswe miss you deeply, but know you are at peace amongst the stars.
"The Met Office tell uswe are due an estimated wind-chill factor of minus 9C.
The striker said: "The manager spoke to us at half-time and told uswe needed to improve.
He said: "People say to uswe got somewhere really quickly but we never thought it would be any other way.