USWNTUnited States Women's National Team (soccer)
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Unfortunately, inequitable compensation--like that which members of the USWNT are fighting against is just one of the challenges female athletes encounter today.
10) As noted above, the USWNT filed a wage discrimination complaint against U.
And to deny that the USWNT had something to do with that fact is to deny history in the making.
When Mayor Bill de Blasio took the podium after the parade to explain why he was giving the USWNT the Key to the City, he began by saying, "There's a special honor we give here in New York City but you have to be someone truly extraordinary, because we have very high standards [in this city].
under-20 teams in 2008 and 2010 under Ellis when rising USWNT stars like Morgan Bryant, Julie Johnston, Meghan Klingenberg, Sydney Leroux and Kelly O'Hara were coming up.
And if the success of the USWNT leads to more local interest in Oregon soccer this fall, newcomers will be welcomed with open arms at Pape Field.