USofAUnited States of America
USofAUnion of Slovenian Organic Farmers Associations (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
USofAUnder Secretary Of the Army
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According to research sponsored by USOFA, Slovenes favor foreign products except in the case of food.
(25) At the direction of the SA, USofA, CSA, VCSA, or TIG, the Investigations Division of the DAIG can also conduct investigations and investigative inquiries.
Meanwhile back in the USofA, Emmerich's having a ball as tornadoes turn LA to rubble (look there goes the Hollywood sign) and first waters swamp Manhattan, (look there goes the Statue of Liberty), an oil tanker glides down a city street and then the whole place turns into one big ice block as a deadly instant superfreeze starts moving in.
But when you've got a new car which you want to sell big-time in the good old USofA, then the Manhattan event takes on a new significance.
I must add she competed for Miss Kansas USofA Newcomer last month and was stunning as usual!
No, that battle honour belongs to the good old USofA, currently engaged in dragging us into another war, who blew up a Warrior armoured fighting vehicle and nine British soldiers with it.
MC: Miss Fantasy, Miss Diva, Miss Gay Kansas America, Miss Gay Kansas USofA.