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UT1Universal Time (distinguished from UTC, Coordinated Universal Time)
UT1Unit Trainer (US DoD)
UT1Université des Sciences Sociales Toulouse 1 (French)
UT1Utilitiesman First Class (Naval Rating)
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For comparison purpose with ultrasonic data, a temperature and cavity pressure sensor (6190A, Kistler Instrument AG, Winterthur, Switzerland), of which sensing end had circular shape with a diameter of 4 mm and was flushed with the internal surface of the fixed mold, was facing to the UT1, as shown in Fig.
Although the cluster as a whole is visible in a large pair of binoculars, it took a telescope like UT1 to take inventory of its faintest stars.
Every time the discrepancy between TAI and UT1 becomes too big, the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) jumps into action and announces a "leap second" - usually several months in advance.
The white line circles in the figure indicate the areas corresponding to the probing end areas of UT1 and UT2 on the opposite side of the patterns.
In the weeks and months to come our task is to tune UT1 to perfection.
Tenders are invited for Diagnostic Tests On GT1, UT1, SUT1, Excitation Transformer, IGCAR TR1 And Turbo Generator During Unit-1 BSD
It is possible to determine the long-term glacial variations of LOD and UT1 by means of the reconstructed paleo MSL data.
The modern LOD and UT1 data, based on satellite and Very Long Baseline Interferometer (VLBI) observations is highly accurate, but relatively short and therefore suitable to study rather short-term and interannual LOD and UT1 variations only.
Therefore, when specifying "UT" to better than 1-second accuracy, you should state whether you mean UTC or UT1 unless this is obvious from the context - such as if the time came from a radio time-station signal.
This is a Yle production equipment complement your further outside production cars, UT1 and UT2, which is the Public Contracts A* 28 subsection 1 of the direct purchase basis.
To this end, we use a working standard called TAX that has a well defined, long-periodic relation to the International Atomic time (TAI), and at the same time its difference from UT1 is small during the interval studied (less than 0.
The operation of the test system is provided by a test operator who is appropriately qualified for the procedure (stage 1 according to EN 473 in the industrial sector as well as the railroad additional training UT1 - M1 "axle with longitudinal bore" and UT1 - M2 "Automated Inspection").