UTAMUniversity of Toronto Asset Management Corporation
UTAMUnlicensed Transition and Management
UTAMUser to Application Mapping
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According to Mike Stima, Managing Director of UTAM, "with these FCC rule changes and the resulting reduced UTAM fees, we fully expect numerous manufacturers to enter the market with exciting new products for residential use.
To manage the transition, UTAM established a product certification process designed to insure that products would not cause any interference and also required manufacturers to enter product deployments into a data base.
The clearing of spectrum is being managed by the industry consortium UTAM (Unlicensed Transition and Management for Microwave Relocation) in which Ericsson is an active participant.
UTAMS (Unattended Transient Acoustic MASINT Sensor) Mortar, Rocket, Explosion Locator
UTAMS is an acoustic localization system based on classic sound ranging principles with advanced and unique signal processing techniques that can detect and isolate transient events such as mortar or rocket firings, munitions impacts, and other explosive events.