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His plan for cessation of hostilities through the night evidently met with Jav's entire approval, for he caused his forces to form themselves in orderly utans and march just within the edge of the wood, where they were soon busily engaged in preparing their evening meal, and spreading down their sleeping silks and furs for the night.
Primates keeper Nigel Summerfield, said: 'The orang utans have developed a real taste for sprouts - they can't get enough of them.
He added: 'The orang utans have a daily diet of mixed fruit and vegetables but they certainly like their sprouts.
She added: "Young orang utans may lose their mothers to vigilante crop farmers or often they will fall victim to the illegal, black-market pet trade.
The United Nations Environmental Programme predicted earlier this year that orang- utans might have less than a decade left to survive in the wilds of Borneo and Sumatra.
It is hoped that through the fund-raising efforts of Mollie Badham and Ms Frey, they will be able to work with other groups to reintroduce orang- utans to areas where no wild ape populations presently exist.
As they set light to the trees to create land for growing crops orang- utans are still burned alive.
Their home in the rain forest has been destroyed by man and now the orang- utans are at risk from greedy poachers.
Three years ago, record flocked to see baby orang utans Jambiand Pandang.