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Among elements formerly missing from the UTAR that are included in the CADRE were whether drivers or passengers had been thrown from the vehicle and whether anyone had been trapped inside the vehicle and extracted by emergency respondents.
After reading the DOT's technical paper, author Gary Winn discussed the benefits of revamping the UTAR with the West Virginia DOH.
In phase one, the UTAR was reviewed by geographically representative focus groups of state, county, and local West Virginia law enforcement officers.
At the conclusion of each session, the officers voted on the changes they believed would most improve the UTAR.
The research team felt it was important to contact agencies that had been unable to participate in focus groups - especially the smallest ones, where both time and manpower would be low and the adverse impact of the UTAR higher.
SRC staff contacted more than 50 percent of the state's law enforcement agencies, interviewing officers who regularly filled out the UTAR form.
Officers polled were asked to describe the storage and transfer of UTAR information within and between agencies and to discuss computer resources in their agency environment.
Among the results of the survey was an estimation of man-hours consumed filling out the UTAR form.
Approximately one-third of the agencies reported some computerization of the UTAR data, such as database creation or electronic information networking.
The third group served as a control, filling out the old UTAR using the same accident description.
The officers were asked to choose one of the three mock crashes and complete the new UTAR form with no time restrictions.
In particular, there was no significant difference in performance between the officers who had received training on how to rill out the UTAR and those who did not.