UTBAUse the Bloody Altavista
UTBAUntrained Traditional Birth Attendant
UTBAUllapool Tourism Business Association (realty company; Wester Ross, Scotland, UK)
UTBAUpper Tampa Bay Alliance (Florida)
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The entry is placed between one on Umm Aban bint Utba ibn Abi Lahab, whose husband was a Ghassani client of Quraysh living in Mecca, and another on Ubayda's niece, Umm Amra bint Abi Sufyan ibn al-Harith ibn al-Muttalib, whose husband, a member of the Khuza'a tribe, was 'Umar ibn al-Khattab's governor in Mecca.
22) or describes Hind bint (Utba and Abu Sufyan as "the Macbeth and Lady Macbeth of the Sira" (p.
al-Walid as well as his fellow fugitives also appear alongside the aforementioned Abu Jandal and another wily mustad'af, Abu Basir 'Utba b.
Al-Baladhuri provides us with our earliest account of the founding of a prison, which he asserts was built simultaneously with the garrison of Basra by 'Utba b.
al-Khattab; the events depicted therein likely fall therefore between the years 21/642 and 23/644, i.e., shortly after 'Utba's construction of a prison in Basra.
One finds in Ma'n's misadventure confirmation of the existence of a similar prison structure constructed of reeds parallel to that of 'Utba's prison in the dar al-imara and, furthermore, of the problems posed by a prison constructed from reeds, echoed in 'Ali's epigram above.
Ab1 Waqqas, placing a prison in the city like one finds in the case of Utba b.
'Utba on his corpse--certainly not a central topic of military history.
(23) Later, in 64/684, another governor, 'Abd al-Rahman ibn Utba al-Fihri, brought a sizable faction of Kharijites with him from Mecca.
al-Mu tamm, Utba is identified as a commander of the forces that conquered Mosul; see al-Baladhurl, Futuh al-buldan (Leiden, 1866), 249 (undated), 331ff.