UTCSWUniversity of Tennessee College of Social Work (Knoxville, TN)
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A one-way analysis of variance was used to test whether students in the three programs of study available at the UTCSW would differ significantly in their performance on the Web-based comprehensive exam.
This test of the utility of the Web-based testing applied to the administration of a "high stakes" comprehensive examination was undertaken by UTCSW to accomplish six objectives.
Surprisingly, there was a significant difference in student performance on the Web-based comprehensive exam among the three locations of the UTCSW.
A second hypothesis is that this outcome variability results from variation in how the foundation curriculum was taught across the UTCSW locations.
At present, the UTCSW plans to adopt this alternative MSW foundation curriculum comprehensive testing procedure.
While the UTCSW trial of Web-based testing did not eliminate the possibility that students employed other students to take their exam for them, to do so would have been an extremely high-risk gamble.