UTDBUniversity of Texas Dental Branch (Houston, TX)
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The ethnic composition of the UTDB dental hygiene student population is 18% Asian, 17% Hispanic, 1% African American, and 1% American Indian, as reported by the associate dean of student affairs.
The committee worked in collaboration with the Office of Professional Development (OPD) at UTDB at Houston, which had established as one of its strategic goals the promotion of sensitivity among UTDB at Houston administration, faculty, and staff to cultural and gender differences.
With these issues in mind, the UTDB at Houston launched an investigation of the cultural environment of the dental school.
Although the assessment included all faculty, staff, and dental and dental hygiene students in the UTDB at Houston, this report focuses only on the assessment of the dental hygiene students.
suggestions or recommendations to assist the UTDB at Houston in addressing diversity issues; and
Regarding diversity in the academic environment, significantly more DH2 (81%) students than DH1 (71%) students strongly agreed or agreed that the UTDB at Houston had an honest interest in and concern for diversity (p=0.
On a very positive note, the students reported satisfaction with the diversity at UTDB at Houston.
Overall, the findings of this study indicate that the majority of the dental hygiene students were satisfied with the cultural diversity of and their interactions at the UTDB at Houston.
8) In UTDB at Houston clinics, there are 12 students and at least two faculty in each treatment area.