UTEMUniversiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (Malay: Technical University of Malaysia, Melaka; Malaysia)
UTEMUtility Truck Equipment Manufacturing (Hewitt, TX)
UTEMUniversity of Toronto Electromagnetic System
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Borehole UTEM was completed on this hole and identified a broad region of elevated conductance back towards M-055.
The limited RIM results to date indicate that the Levack Footwall Deposit may be larger than indicated by the BH UTEM results.
With the increased precision of this UTEM survey, Lamontagne Geophysics will look to identify existing and new targets at depth.
PFN) (TSX: PFN; OTCBB: PAWEF; Frankfurt: P7J) In a continuing program to evaluate the Montcalm Intrusive, a deep penetrating UTEM survey will begin shortly over 180 kilometers of recently cut grids.
The program at Little Cree will involve grid establishment and UTEM surveys to pinpoint the strongest conductive response for location of possible drill targets.
Further testing of the two massive sulfide veins and associated strong UTEM off-hole conductor will be a priority in 2005.
In the Ferguson Lake Mineral District, ground geophysical surveys using UTEM instrumentation have proven effective to identify conductive targets.
Airborne, VLF, UTEM and Max-Min surveys resulted in the detection of highly conductive anomalies.
Extensive UTEM ground geophysical surveying by Starfield Resources in the Ferguson Lake Mineral District has detected conductors.
This highly conductive feature appears to be coincident with a UTEM conductor identified by American Copper & Nickel Company, Inc.
The Geotech VTEM-magnetic survey's goal was: (a) to test airborne EM technology and instrumentation to generate new conductive targets which may not have previously been detected because of the placement of ground UTEM survey grids and loops; (b) to reconfirm and extend the near-surface conductive signatures of sulphide mineralization across the property; (c) to provide airborne conductor resolution and define conductive target strike- length extent; and (d) to use the airborne data to further guide "state-of- the-art" ground geophysical surveys (UTEM-4 borehole and SQUID instrumentation) over the newly established conductive and magnetic anomalous targets generated during the VTEM-magnetic survey test.
In early 2003, a 28 km UTEM program was completed over a portion of the southwestern part of the property where Sulfidmalm had conducted most of their previous work.