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UTFUnicode Transformation Format (16 bit Unicode to 7/8 bit character conversion)
UTFUCS Transformation Format
UTFUnit Testing Framework
UTFUse The Force
UTFUnable to Forward (post office)
UTFUnderground Test Facility
UTFUniversal Test Fixture
UTFUniversal Transaction Format (Canada)
UTFUniversal Taekwon Do Federation
UTFUnit Test Fixture
UTFUnion des Télégraphistes Francophones (French: Union of Francophone Telegraphers)
UTFUniform Tight Frame
UTFUtilization Training Facility
UTFUsage to Failure
UTFUdvidet Teknisk Forberedelseseksamen (Danish)
UTFUnified Test System
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Three representative cities of different size will be identified and provided city specific manuals for setting up UMTA and UTF and the existing UMTAs would be considered for strengthening.
There are 53 urban agglomerates of more than ten lakh population, however, only 15 UMTAs exist in the counting and very limited progress with establishing of UTFs.
UTF plans to produce polypropylene spunbond fabrics and composite SMS materials in a basis weight range from less than 12 gpsm to around 70 gpsm.
Common shareholders of RTU will receive a statement showing the number of UTF shares that they own as a result of the merger.
In the merger, UTF will acquire substantially all of the assets and liabilities of RTU in a tax-free transaction in exchange for an equal aggregate value of newly issued common shares of UTF.
We were not engaged to perform, and did not perform, an audit, the objective of which would have been the expression of an opinion on the net amount of FUTA taxes distributed to the UTF.
The distribution for RTU will also be paid in cash, and will be the final distribution paid prior to its merger with and into UTF.
has determined that the merger of UTF with Cohen & Steers REIT and Utility Income Fund, Inc.
The draft UTF was tested with providers in five regions in its hard copy version in 2008.
UTF uses this existing number as an audiotex gateway to offer additional information services.