UTF1undifferentiated embryonic cell transcription factor 1
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A part of the Sox2 target genes overlaps with the Oct4 target genes, in particular, genes such as Fgf4, Utf1, Fbx15, and Nanog [47, 54-56].
Muramatsu, "The gene for the embryonic stem cell coactivator UTF1 carries a regulatory element which selectively interacts with a complex composed of Oct-3/4 and Sox-2," Molecular and Cellular Biology, vol.
We investigated the expression of genes related to the specification and appearance of early stages of primordial germ cells in humans (KIT, UTF1, LIN28, and DDX4) and genes related to gonadal somatic cells (CYP11, SOX9, SCF, StAR, and SF1) as well as genes expressed in undifferentiated hES cells and related to the NODAL pathway (EBAF, LEFTB, NODAL, and TDGF1), which plays a major role in early cell fate, including germ-cell specification and endoderm specification as well as maintenance of the pluripotent status of stem cells [26].
We have not included other nuclear (AP-2[gamma], NANOG, UTF1, TLC1, etc) and cytoplasmic (Lin28 and IMP-3) pluripotency markers, since they broadly provide similar data and are not as widely used for diagnostic purposes.