UTFSUniversal Transit Fare System (American Public Transportation Association)
UTFSUse the Fine Search
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For this group, receiving feedback from the UTF coordinator midway through the semester seemed to play a significant role in their learning.
Among the 15 establishments, 3 were establishments managed by UTFS, 7 were coffee shop franchises, 2 were student-run stores, and 3 were independent cafes or takeaway restaurants with prepackaged foods.
We consulted with key stakeholders including our project advisors with UTFS; however, to ensure that the geographic sample and stores assessed offered a suitable representation, if not a representative sample, of GGEs for the entire institution.
To sensitize transport professionals and city officials on the current scenario of UMTA and UTF, a national level workshop was organized in Delhi recently.
The workshop witnessed the participants sharing national as well as international experience in establishment of UMTA and UTF. Views of participants on possible options for UMTA and UTF in terms of legal, institutional, financial, organisational and functional aspects were obtained as to whether UMTA could be a statutory authority responsible directly to the state government and functions that should be assigned to the UMTAs, for coordinating multi-modal transport, master plans, urban transport standards and regulate fees and fares.
Three representative cities of different size will be identified and provided city specific manuals for setting up UMTA and UTF and the existing UMTAs would be considered for strengthening.
[24] have fabricated an inorganic-organic ultrathin film (UTF) system with thermochromic luminescence (TCL) based on the layer-by-layer (LBL) assembly of anionic stilbene derivative (bis(2-sulfonatostyryl)biphenyl, donated as BSB) and LDH nanosheets.
In-situ FTIR measurement shows that, as the temperature increases, the most significant change is that the bands at 1652 and 1630 [cm.sup.-1] broaden and become unresolved for the UTF, suggesting that the skeleton vibration increases dramatically at high temperature and the system becomes relatively disordered compared with that at low temperature.