UTFSUniversal Transit Fare System (American Public Transportation Association)
UTFSUse the Fine Search
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For this group, receiving feedback from the UTF coordinator midway through the semester seemed to play a significant role in their learning.
Among the 15 establishments, 3 were establishments managed by UTFS, 7 were coffee shop franchises, 2 were student-run stores, and 3 were independent cafes or takeaway restaurants with prepackaged foods.
We consulted with key stakeholders including our project advisors with UTFS; however, to ensure that the geographic sample and stores assessed offered a suitable representation, if not a representative sample, of GGEs for the entire institution.
[24] have fabricated an inorganic-organic ultrathin film (UTF) system with thermochromic luminescence (TCL) based on the layer-by-layer (LBL) assembly of anionic stilbene derivative (bis(2-sulfonatostyryl)biphenyl, donated as BSB) and LDH nanosheets.
In-situ FTIR measurement shows that, as the temperature increases, the most significant change is that the bands at 1652 and 1630 [cm.sup.-1] broaden and become unresolved for the UTF, suggesting that the skeleton vibration increases dramatically at high temperature and the system becomes relatively disordered compared with that at low temperature.