UTHSUnited Township High School (East Moline, IL)
UTHSUniversity of Texas Health Services (Houston, TX)
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My latht wordth to you ith thith, Thtick to the termth of your engagement, be obedient to the Thquire, and forget uth. But if, when you're grown up and married and well off, you come upon any horthe-riding ever, don't be hard upon it, don't be croth with it, give it a Bethpeak if you can, and think you might do wurth.
Variable costs per encounter at the two nursing centers were quite different but in this case the cost at UTHS was greater.
Total variable labor at UTHS was $285,604 for a variable labor cost per encounter of $19.
To ensure the revenue comparison of UTHS and NCFHS was equivalent, revenue was defined as those funds generated by producing a patient encounter.
UTHS had one product, primary care, and a time study for this product line was performed.
UTHS has nine examination rooms as well as offices for administrative staff and a conference room.
In March of 1995, UTHS became affiliated with a large hospital-based, independent practice association (IPA) in Houston.
Financial self-sufficiency has always been an important goal for UTHS. Therefore, fees are charged for all services rendered to clients.
Man of defensively senior goal Mignolet beat away Nadiem Amiri's effort but was finally beaten when Uth drilled home.
MATCH FACTS TSG HOFFENHEIM (3-4-2-1): Baumann, Kaderanek, Bicakcic (Nordveit 52), Vogt, Hubner, Kaderabek, Rupp (Amiri 53), Demirbay, Zuber, Gnabry (Uth 71), Kramaric, Wagner.
GOALS: Uth 87; Alexander-Arnold 35, Nordtveit 74 og BOOKINGS: Bicakcic, Hubner; Alexander-Arnold, Can REFEREE: Bjorn Kuipers (Netherlands).
They'll have to go to Misisi, to UTH, and they'll have to listen to what people there say.