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UTIAUniversity of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
UTIAUstav Teorie Informace a Automatizace (Czech: Institute of Information Theory and Automation)
UTIAUtah Translators and Interpreters Association
UTIAUchiko Town International Association (Uchiko, Ehime, Japan)
UTIAUrinary Trypsin Inhibitory Activity
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The comparative study of UTIA in the different groups illustrated a significant UTIA increase in bacterial infectious diseases (group I) compared with all other groups except group VII (treated bacterial infections, p = 0.06).
Table I summarizes comparative values of CRP, UTIA, and microalbuminuria in the different groups.
In summary UTIA varied only in bacterial infections.
These criteria were 150 IU/g creat for UTIA and 10 mg/l for CRP.
Indices measuring the diagnostic value of UTIA and CRP with different decision criteria in all bacteria infection groups UTIA (UI/g creat) CRP (mg/l) Indices 150 120 10 50 Sensitivity 0.46 0.90 0.97 0.84 Specificity 0.95 0.90 0.59 0.93 Predictive value positive 0.80 0.70 0.50 0.98 negative 0.80 0.83 0.98 0.90 The values 12 UI/g creat and 50 mg/l respectively for UTIA and CRP are the best decision criteria obtained with the ROC curves.
The UTIA curve was higher, but the CRP curve preserved its supremacy (Figure 3).
The search for a specific diagnostic test in bacterial infections warrants studies on UTIA. Some studies have suggested that UTIA is better than CRP in identifying infection[3].
UTIA was significantly higher compared with the reference population under 60 years of age.
We found a positive correlation between UTIA and microalbuminuria.
The hypothesis of an alpha-1-protease inhibitor interference on UTIA must be put forward.
In our study, patients with fever had a UTIA higher than in other patients.