UTLAUnited Teachers of Los Angeles (California)
UTLAUniversity of Texas Los Angeles Center (Los Angeles, CA)
UTLAUnion Territories of Lakshadweep (India)
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However, the UTLA president also added that there are many more militants who hold different opinion and have not surrendered yet but hopes that they would understand the importance of peace soon.
There are not a lot of banners flying today but we recognize that this is a good agreement that lowers caseloads for counselors and class sizes for teachers," said UTLA president A.
The academy, a collaborative project of the 41,000-member UTLA and the school district, is a welcome smooth spot in what has often been a bumpy labor-management relationship.
UTLA said according to state law, teachers at the existing schools that will be relieved by the new campuses legally have the right to decide whether new schools can be converted to a charter.
Rumors surfaced that some UTLA members were interested in having a moratorium on pilot schools because they were concerned that the streamlined contract could weaken all teacher contracts.
As news of the flyer spread Tuesday, UTLA leaders also hosted a meeting with teachers, administrators and parents from the three dozen new and under-performing LAUSD campuses that have been selected for potential takeover under the district's reform plan.
I am trying to come up with contract language that expands pilots and that also has the possibility of passing a vote of my governing bodies," said UTLA President A.
The last time the UTLA went on strike was in 1989, when an impasse in salary negotiations prompted an almost two-week-long walkout.
For many years, UTLA couched its policy objectives in language that claimed the union was really "putting kids first" - more money in the classroom was to benefit kids, not them, etc.
UTLA has dismissed the tests because they produce "junk data" which "do little to help them evaluate student progress.