UTLXUnion Tank Car Company (rail car manufacturer)
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But that reality has not stopped UTLX from continually striving to improve our product.
And, importantly, the springs and stem are outside of the product space, which makes this valve a good choice for UTLX customers who ship products that require protective interior tank car coatings.
Richard Sumpter, Plant Manager for UTLX affiliate, McKenzie Valve continued, "The simplicity of the valve provides other advantages over traditional safety valves.
Kelso JS SRV pressure relief valves are well-suited for both hazardous and non-hazardous product service and represent an alternative source of supply for quality safety relief devices," explained UTLX President, Frank Lester.
UTLX is a member of The Marmon Group of companies, an international association of more than 100 companies that operate independently within diverse business sectors.
In 2005, Kelso, with the assistance of UTLX and Mackenzie, will initiate marketing and sales programs addressing the North American Rail Tank Car Market.
Olivier, secretary of Louisiana Economic Development, Louisiana's success with the UTLX project centered on an aggressive development strategy.
We've been working closely with UTLX and their consultants since last September," said Von Hatley, Director of Durable Goods Cluster Development with Louisiana Economic Development.