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UTMUnified Threat Management
UTMUniversal Transverse Mercator (cartography; also seen as UTMS)
UTMUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia (University of Technology Malaysia)
UTMUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia
UTMUniversity of Tennessee at Martin
UTMUniversity of Toronto at Mississauga (Canada)
UTMUnder the Microscope
UTMUnmanned Traffic Management (airspace)
UTMUniversal Transverse Mercator
UTMUniversal Text Message
UTMUniversal Transaction Monitor
UTMUniversal Transport Medium
UTMUniversal Testing Machine (materials stress testing)
UTMUnidad de Tecnología Marina (Marine Tecnology Unit)
UTMUp the Millers (racing club)
UTMUniversal Turing Machine
UTMUrchin Traffic Monitor (website visitor tracking software)
UTMUniversity of Texas Medical School (Houston)
UTMUniversity of Technology, Mauritius
UTMUltrasonic Thickness Measurement
UTMUniversal Transaction Monitor (telecommunications)
UTMUnit Training Manager
UTMUnion Technique de la Mutualité Malienne (Mali)
UTMUnit Training Management
UTMUniversal Test Message
UTMUnsuccessful Transmission Message
UTMUtopian Theory of the Mind
UTMUnusable Time (Loran-C System)
UTMUnion des Travailleurs de Mauritania (French: Mauritanian Workers Union)
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'These tests marked a critical step towards the implementation of UTM, which is key for drones to reach their tremendous commercial potential,' said Mark Blanks, Director of the Virginia Tech MAAP.
UTM market is increasingly becoming competitive with a diverse mix of small and large vendors.
"Fortinet's vision for retailers, branch offices and other massively distributed enterprise environments is Connected UTM," said Patrick Bedwell, VP of product marketing at Fortinet.
According to the report, "The Leaders quadrant contains vendors at the forefront of making and selling UTM products that are built for midsize business requirements.
The UTM system divides the earth into 60 zones each 6 degrees of longitude wide.
"Historically, mediocre UTM performance has kept adoption limited to small and midsized businesses," said Haroon Iqbal, Sales Manager, MEA, WatchGuard Technologies.
Managed Secure Connect (UTM) will provide business fully integrated, multi-faceted protection from network threats, through one single device.
Popular with business and enterprise, UTM is a category of security appliances that integrates a range of security features into a single appliance.
Next generation firewall and UTM capabilities are needed to meet business demands to use new services and applications while managing risk."
With features of any full fledged UTM solution and still available at a low cost, affordable to even small offices, CR15i would definitely prove to be a trendsetter in the network security industry.?
WatchGuard's XTM 8 and XTM 1050 security solutions challenge traditional unified threat-management (UTM) suppliers, as they update the UTM concept to cope with today's changing security scenario.
Coordinates are in UTM and altitude in metres, followed by how the position was determined: by authors with a GPS in the field; using maps at 1:100,000 scale published by the Insituto Geografico Nacional (IGN) of Peru; from a published source or museum label or using Google Earth.