UTMCUrban Traffic Management and Control
UTMCUnited Technologies Microelectronics Center
UTMCUnderground Terrorist Motorcycle Cult
UTMCUnited Technologies Microelectronics Corporation
UTMCUtah Microelectronic Center
UTMCUnit Training Management Configuration
UTMCUnited Technologies Microprocessor Chip
UTMCUniversal Time Master Clock
UTMCUpon the Midnight Clear (fiction)
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There are a number of benefits that we believe we will gain from a partnership with athenahealth," David Morlock, CEO of UTMC, says.
Al Biologo Hector Garcia Quinones del Herbario UTMC por el apoyo tecnico y logistico.
UTMC manufactures high-reliability electronics for aerospace, and its new facility meets military specification requirements on electrostatic discharges (ESD).
In the long term, it is hoped this will also control UTMC systems in other towns in the county.
Tenders are invited for KCC UTMC System Annual Maintenance
According to traffic service Tyne and Wear UTMC which monitors traffic cameras in the region, the dog gave officers the 'run around' before it was safely captured.
Ray King, UTMC manager, said: "This is about optimising the network.
Durante el proceso de estudio y descripcion de esta nueva especie de Myrcianthes no fue posible encontrar especimenes adicionales que presentaran frutos maduros, a pesar de una busqueda exhaustiva en herbarios que poseen colecciones de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, particularmente COL, CUVC, HUA, MO y UTMC.
Por tratarse de un grupo de plantas con interes agronomico, aparte de la inclusion de una serie completa de muestras en el Herbario Nacional Colombiano (COL), se efectuo una importante distribucion de duplicados a los siguientes herbarios de Colombia y del exterior: JBB, CAUP, COL, FAUC, GUAY, HUA, K, LPB, MA, MEDEL, MEXU, MO, MY, NY, P, PSO, QCA, UIS, UPTC, UTMC y VEN.
The council's assistant director of planning, Simon Payne, said: "The UTMC system is designed to encourage people to use park-and-ride services and ensure the efficient use of public car parks.
Formerly with Novation, UTMC is now one of 200 of the nation's leading hospital and healthcare systems who own Premier Inc.
UTMC do not manage the traffic lights systems, but said they were not aware of any problems with their sequencing.