UTOPUnited Team of Poland (computer gaming team)
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One example is the MET (Measures of Effective Teaching) classroom observation study (Hill et al., 2012; Kane & Staiger, 2012), which investigated some of the most widely used observation protocols (e.g., UTOP, CLASS [Classroom Assessment and Scoring System], FFT, PLATO [Protocol for Langauge Arts Teaching Observations], and the MQI) error and reported reliability coefficients between 0.20 and 0.65 for different numbers of raters and observations.
ICOR-Science and ICOR-Math focus on teaching practices aligned to program goals and is not directly comparable with larger studies such as the MET study that incorporates various rubrics (PLATO, FFT, CLASS, UTOP, and MQI).
The dialogues between Super, Optimus and Utop are a pretense for engaging in a meticulous description of how the utopian "City of the Children of the Sun" has been organized.
Half-year sales and underlying trading operating profit (UTOP) overview by operating segment
This last measure was subsequently replaced by the UTeach Teacher Observation Protocol (UTOP; Walkington et al., 2012).
In this report, the authors investigate the properties of the following five instruments for classroom observation: (1) Framework for Teaching (or FFT, developed by Charlotte Danielson of the Danielson Group); (2) Classroom Assessment Scoring System (or CLASS, developed by Robert Pianta, Karen La Paro, and Bridget Hamre at the University of Virginia); (3) Protocol for Language Arts Teaching Observations (or PLATO, developed by Pam Grossman at Stanford University); (4) Mathematical Quality of Instruction (or MQI, developed by Heather Hill of Harvard University); and (5) UTeach Teacher Observation Protocol (or UTOP, developed by Michael Marder and Candace Walkington at the University of Texas-Austin).