UTQUniversity of Toronto Quarterly
UTQUnión de Trabajadores de Quetzaltenango (Union of Workers of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)
UTQUnable to Quote (purchasing)
UTQUnité Territoriale de Quartier (French: Unit Territorial Headquarters)
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User Threat Quotient (UTQ): Available as a report, UTQ harnesses information derived out of web traffic and offers patterns of user behavior to determine risky users in a network.
As per the firm, UTQ utilizes information traced out of user s web traffic to determine risky users that pose security risks.
User Threat Quotient (UTQ) from Cyberoam effortlessly profiles suspicious web behavior of network users, helping security teams with actionable inputs and relieving them from having to go through a labyrinth of massive logs.”
Next-Generation Firewall and UTM appliances, UTQ harnesses information derived
"With UTQ, Cyberoam partners have another huge opportunity to help customers where security teams are devoid of actionable security intelligence.
Other community leaders who were involved in the project included SBQ Leader Delfin Montenegro, PAQ Leader Minda Obeidat, UFEQ and Doha Trendsetters Chairman Annie Barcelona Esmer and UTQ Leader Jomel Nhar Bautista.\~
He noted that available on Cyberoam's Next-Generation Firewall and UTM appliances, UTQ harnesses data sourced from user's web traffic to decide risky users that pose security and /or legal risks.
Following the Introduction, the volume has a useful Part One entitled "Materials" that includes brief sections entitled: "Editions"; "Manuscripts and Prepublication Materials"; "Biographical Materials"; "Textual Aids"; "Cultural and Aesthetic Contexts"; "Critical Works"; and "Audiovisual Aids." To be sure, at times the valuable "Critical Works" section mentions minor books and articles, while leaving out others that are truly important--for example, Ralph Rader's UTQ piece, "Exodus and Return: Joyce's Ulysses and the Fiction of the Actual" (48, Winter 1978/1979).
Cyberoam, a leading global provider of network security appliances has introduced a unique capability User Threat Quotient (UTQ) to help IT security managers identify users posing security risks with ease.
Russell Perkin's "Northrop Frye and Matthew Arnold" (UTQ 74: 793-815) stands out as a major new study.
41-65; Robert Preyer, "Sydney Dobell and the Victorian Epic" (UTQ 30 [January 1961]: 163-178); Mark A.