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UTRUp the Road
UTRUntranslated Region (genetics)
UTRUnder the Roof
UTRUnder the Radar
UTRUniversal Tennis Rating (skill assessment)
UTRUnit Technology Representative
UTRUniversal Tone Receiver
UTRUpset the Rhythm (UK)
UTRUnicode Technical Report
UTRUnique Taxpayer Reference (UK Inland Revenue)
UTRUrinary Tract Relief (veterinary medicine)
UTRUtility Tractor Rig (stevedoring Industry)
UTRUnable to Reach
UTRUnion des Théatres Romands (French; Swiss theater association)
UTRUnable to Reproduce
UTRUniversity Technical Representative
UTRUltrathin Resist (semiconductors)
UTRUniform Temperature Reference
UTRUptime Ratio
UTRUnderwater Tracking Range
UTRUniversity Training Reactor
UTRUnité Thématique de Recherche (French)
UTRUnit Under Test Requirements Interface
UTRUniversal Transaction Record
UTRUnit Task Reorganization
UTRUkrainian T-Shape Radio Telescope
UTRUnderwriter To Review
UTRUp through Roof (mechanics)
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In the current study, we detected three SNPs in 3' UTR, including G10563T, T10588C, and C10647T.
Specifically, the 3' UTR is known to play a major role in mRNA stabilization where the stability determinants are not subjected to disruption by an actively translating ribosome (14).
Por ello, como punto de partida se propuso el estudio de la expresion de proteinas criticas para el parasito o de factores de virulencia, cuyos mensajeros (mas concretamente, las regiones UTR) se usaron como cebos para la captura de las RBP.
We amplified the HPgV 5' UTR by nested reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR) as described previously (19), resulting in 421 bp-length product; we amplified the E2 region following the RT-PCR protocol published by Smith et al.
We found that the 3' UTR segment of human MAPK1 gene contains a sequence that is complementary to nucleotides of hsa-miR-1229-5p (Figure 4A).
According to these data, miR-125a might have bound to the specific sequence in the TRXR1 3'UTR.
A large number of polymorphisms located in noncoding regions, including promoters, 5' and 3' untranslated gene regions (UTR), introns, and intergenic portion, associated with milk production traits have been identified so far (Yudin and Voevoda, 2015).
Recently, as the number of drug-related SNPs in miRNA target sites are rapidly increasing, the importance of SNPs positioned in 3' UTR regions is becoming evident [5].
3' UTR of TMEM123 mRNA, forward primer, 5'-CATATAATGTACAGTGTATTACG-3'; and reverse primer, 5'-ACCATTGTATGAACGGTCTAT-3'.
A novel 16-bp indel was first verified in a 5' untranslated region (UTR) of the ZNF132 gene, and three genotypes were detected.