UTRAUMTS Terrestrial Radio Access
UTRAUbiC Transcription Regulator-Associated (protein)
UTRAUndergraduate Teaching and Research Assistantship
UTRAUniversity of Tennessee Residents Alliance
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The ACLR mask has changed from the 10-MHz offsets used for adjacent E-UTRA channels to 5-MHz offsets for UTRA adjacent channels.
The tradeoffs among output power, the transmission bandwidth, and the ACLR for both adjacent E-UTRA and UTRA remain under investigation.
En proyectos de gran envergadura se han analizado sus beneficios en los modos FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) y TDD (Time Division Duplex) de UTRA (Universal Terrestrial Radio Access).
Both UMTS and UTRA include provisions for the interconnection of mobile handsets and base stations using TD-CDMA and frequency division duplex wideband CDMA interface modes.
The noise figure (NF) of the UTRA receiver is calculated from the data processing gain, the maximum allowable noise power within the channel bandwidth is calculated to be
The third-order intercept point of the UTRA receiver is determined using the intermodulation test described in the UTRA standard.
Building on its market-leading RANAdvisor solution, JDSU is extending its unique UTRA Absolute Radio-Frequency Channel Number (UARFCN) locking capabilities for 3G to LTE PCI-sector locking using a commercial handset.
Available in the third quarter of 2000, Spectrum's flexComm wideband solution is ideally suited for development and deployment of 3G cellular base stations employing any or all of the third generation air interface standards, such as Wideband-CDMA, cdma2000, UMTS, and UTRA (ETSI W-CDMA).
Verdict on banning of Utras groups adjourned to 29 December