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UTRANUMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network
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In addition, TELUS will benefit from Astellia's end-to-end monitoring solution for UTRAN and Core PS network performance optimization and troubleshooting.
Michael Thelander, Signals Research Group, LLC said, "With the acquisition of Nortel's UTRAN group, Alcatel-Lucent will establish itself as a leading supplier of 3G infrastructure.
454 between Utran and Surat Railway on Surat-Vadodara section on deposit terms for Surat Municipal Corporation of Surat, Gujarat".
In addition to LTE, the solution covers all of the relevant standards for SAE, IMS, GERAN, UTRAN, 3GPP2, among others.
It supports tests for LTE-eHRPD InterRAT handoffs, LTE-UTRAN/GERAN InterRAT handoffs, LTE data throughput (including MIMO and fading), Multi-mode network selection (LTE, cdma2000 1X, eHRPD, UTRAN, GERAN), SMS/IMS tests, data retry, and supplementary signaling tests.
Tenders are invited for Ohe Modification Work In Connection With Construction Of Proposed RobaS ( 2 Nos) On Culvert No Ee 454 And At Km 268/32-34 Between Surat Ee Utran Stations In Vadodara Division
According to the contract, Huawei will provide a UTRAN system based on the new generation Node B technologies for Vodafone's operations in the Czech Republic.
Anritsu developed the ME7833L (MD8430A with RTD) LTE Interoperability Test System, to support the acceptance tests required by leading LTE carriers supporting tests for LTE-eHRPD InterRAT Handoffs, LTE-UTRAN/GERAN InterRAT Handoffs, LTE Data Throughput (including MIMO & Fading), Multi-mode network selection (LTE, cdma2000 1X, eHRPD, UTRAN, GERAN), SMS/IMS tests, Data Retry, and supplementary signaling tests.
570 Mw Generating Unit & Post Varification Of Audited Unit Of Gbps, Utran
Tektronix Communications' GeoProbe Femtocell solution provides real time, end-to-end network visibility and trouble-shooting capability for operators deploying femtocell access networks alongside their UTRAN mobile access networks.