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UTRCUnited Technologies Research Center
UTRCUniversity Transportation Research Center
UTRCUpper Thames Rowing Club (Berkshire, England, UK)
UTRCUniversity of Tennessee Research Corporation (Knoxville, TN)
UTRCUnion Theatre Repertory Company (now Melbourne Theatre Company; Melbourne, Australia)
UTRCUtton Transboundary Resources Center (New Mexico)
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The new addition of a Centre of Excellence in Cyber-Physical Systems for Aerospace will equip UTRC Ireland to lead cutting-edge advancements in aircraft systems.
UTRC, which has won multiple R&D 100 awards for innovation excellence, is often recognized by industry leaders for its game-changing technologies.
Once a bona fide interest has been expressed in a particular technology and a (or several) licensee(s) identified, UTRC and the inventor(s) will work with outside patent counsel to draft a U.
When UTRC can successfully transfer one of the technologies in its portfolio to a company via a license, it has gone a long way towards meeting its primary objective of supporting the research programs of the university.
Although the UTRC Bragg grating system has not yet been field-tested by a utility, its likely configuration in a power plant is as follows: A small diaphragm within a pipe reacts to the changes in pressure, squeezing the optica fiber grating mounted outside the pipe.
UTRC scientists used the same germania-doped silica glass that is standard for optic fibers, but they preanneal the fibers so they can survive temperatures up to 1200 [degrees] F in laboratory demonstrations.
UTRC would collaborate with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to introduce and deploy simulation tools that predict the material microstructure during the additive manufacturing process.
Invest in new research projects and capital investments at Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, UTAS and UTRC
DoD - AFRL (Wright Patterson Air Force Base), UTRC (Pratt and Whitney), Weyerhaeuser, Wyle Laboratories and ZeaChem.