UTROUniversal Transfer of Rights and Obligations
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For example, in 1910, during the establishment of the Barnaul district court, it was discovered that two volosts had not been assigned to any juridical jurisdiction (Utro Sibiri, no.
Utro, "Speeding up the Consensus Clustering methodology for microarray data analysis," Algorithms for Molecular Biology, vol.
A zona de destino do saque que apresentou maior incidencia foi a zona 6 (total de 557 saques), depois a zona 5 (total de 343 saques), em terceiro a zona 1 (total de 279 s a qu e s) e o s o utro s valores nas demais zonas (zona 2 = 0 saque, 3 = 0 saque e 4 = 1 saque) (Moreno e colaboradores, 2007).
But lawmaker Vladimir Burmatov of the ruling United Russia party told the utro.ru website the sentence was "absolutely legally justified."
Judge Ralitsa Ruseva has sentenced Pencheva, who works for the local Utro ("Morning") paper, finding her guilty of slandering an employee of the Nadezhda ("Hope") orphanage, the Ruse-based Arena Media reported Thursday.
He said that it was the business community that was a leading force during the then government campaign "Qarz Utro Mulik Sawaro" and contributed the maximum.
Utro de los problemas mas importantes del trabajo de Malaver y Vargas sobre la EDIT II es que no reconoce la existencia de varios niveles en la organizacion; por tanto no permite analizar la organizacion de comportamientos mediante los que se coordinan varios recursos en diferentes niveles organizacionales.
Yekaterina Trofimova, "Russia Seen as Cash Cow," Utro.ru
"Apologija teatral'nosti." Utro (18 de septiembre de 1908).
Two subtle changes here are the amplification of Byron's "beautiful as day" and the uncluttered simplicity of the added line, "Kak utro, byl on cist i ziv."
Duplication groups comprising single zones 7 Ofichi (C), Shelako (C) 8 Shimo (C), Chamero (D) 9 Gayo (D), Wango (D) 10 Geno (D), Utino (D) 11 Kekero (D), Utro (D) 12 Agade (H), Mariye (H) 13 Beneja (H), Kombotra (H) 14 Manduluka (H), Orada (H) 15 Oniya (H), Torora (H), Wordes (H) 16 Woshamaja (H), Zobra (H) 17 Gamechela (S), Warukore (S) C.
Mandelshtam summed up his poetic credo in his manifesto Utro Akmeizma ("The Morning of Acmeism").