UTRSUniversal Technical Resource Services, Inc. (Cherry Hill, NJ)
UTRSUrea-Treated Rice Straw (agriculture)
UTRSUniversity of Toronto Research Services (Toronto, Canada)
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Within genomic module 1 (5' UTR, first 600 nt), we found areas of moderate nucleotide similarity (90%-95%) between the C1v2015 genome and the CV-A6 and CVA8 genomes and lower similarity (<88%) with the EV-A71 subgenogroup C1 genomes (Figure 2, panel A).
No GenBank entry was significantly similar to either the 31 nt long 5' UTR, or the 186 nt long 3' UTR of BrYV-AH.
Vector pBHA containing synthetic nucleotide sequences of 5' and 3' beta globin UTRs, T7 promoter which allows for in vitro transcription of cloned gene, and Kozak nucleotide sequence were obtained from Bioneer Corporation (South Korea).
The regulation of mRNA stability is important for the control of gene expression, and is determined by cis-acting sequences in the 3' UTRs that promote mRNA degradation.
The 200-bp fragments of miR-362 targeting the 3 UTR (contained miR-362 seed sequence) [25] were amplified from cDNA prepared from A549 cells.
Compared with other software tools and methods, the Guitar package provides an improved resolution by relying on only the mRNA transcripts that simultaneously have sufficient long (more than 100 bp) 5' UTRs, CDSs, and 3' UTRs.
The minor allele G at rs4714210, in the 3; untranslated region (UTR), was found more frequently in the control group than in the CAD-positive group, and carriers of the G allele displayed a lower risk of CAD when compared with noncarriers (OR = 0.783, 95% CI = 0.613-1.002, p = 0.051).
The majority of bases that aligned for each library had aligned to genomic regions contributing to mRNA (coding regions and UTRs); an average of 74.0% of bases had aligned to these regions.
Instead of a STR system, Curacao utilizes a broader UTR reporting system.
A gene in different tissues and at different stages of the cells produces distal or proximal PAS in 3' UTRs by APA which can generate different isoforms based on the variable splicing sites [3].
The 5' and 3' ends of the DENV genome contain untranslated regions (UTRs) and the open reading frame first encodes the three structural proteins, C, prM/M, and env, followed by 7 nonstructural (NS) proteins, including the NS1 protein.